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**** We do not board pets in our home at this time*****

In our modern busy lives, often our pets need to be cared for while we are away. And the decision of who will care for them is not often an easy choice. Our pets are members of the family and we need to be absolutely sure that they will be safe and looked after when we cannot. .

It’s because of this need in 2012 that we formed PET SITTER DOVER DELAWARE. The ONLY pet sitting organization that exclusively focuses on the Dover, DE pet owner.

We at PET SITTER DOVER DELAWARE are more than just fellow pet owners. We are your neighbors. We know the area and the specific needs of animals that reside in our state. We are professional, back ground checked,dedicated, responsible people that look forward to the opportunity to care for your pets — and your home — when you are unable to.

This site will provide news, articles, concepts for pet owners and enthusiasts in Kent County Delaware. It’s our hope to continue to develop long term relationships with Dover pet owners so when you need to travel, you will never, ever, need to worry about the needs of your pets.



Debbie De Morier




  1. Diane S says:


  2. Brandon E says:

    Debbie did a phenomenal job with our dog! A no-brainer whenever we go out of town again!

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“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.” Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette 1948

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